Sunday, January 13, 2008

A painting For A Cover

My sister and I went to Cambodia a while back and at the market she immediately took a liking to a colourful buddha half a head painting. I said to her I can turn it into a journal cover if she can find the other half.

I timed myself making this journal, from the very beginning of cutting up the chipboard to the completed book. The only thing I didn't do was folding the sections, I got my sister to do that one beforehand. The binding method used is long stitch with exposed spine, it's so easy and quick! Thank goodness for that because I started at 1.30am and went to bed at 6, after the photo shoot for record purpose of course. Needless to say I was quite groggy at work two hours later. I had to finish the book then because by noon it was on a flight to the States. But I didn't mind, slightly tired from it, just glad I finished it!

She was using the journal for the course she was attending and it created quite a stir from the participants there so I'm quite pleased with the attention it got. And a possibility of orders coming in, yay!

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