Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Custom Card Folio

I'm not really sure what to call this so I'm running away with this title. At work some of my colleagues knew I make books cos they are the ones I go to show whenever I happen to have a finished book in hand (stayed in for lunch just to sew the binding) One day one of them was telling me how she has been keeping her wedding cards and cards that she and her husband had sent to each other back in those days for the past twenty years and worries that as the years goes on they will get lost. I then said to her, "Just pass them over to me, I'll turn them into a book for you"

Here's the prototype. Not too shabby. I kept the cards to the centre of the spine of the concertina, chose that to accomodate the swell from the cards. I decided to sew on both the valley and mountain fold just to see what happened. Next time I'll do one or the other. I wove the ribbons that ties through the binding, It works and I have now worked out how to improve it next time round.

When I gave it to my colleague, she was so happy it caught me off guard, (remember I was being critical with the workmanship) you know the butterfly effect, wing flap here and a tornado on the other side of the world, it was like that. My action of making the book for her was a priceless thing. She was so happy with it she couldn't stop smiling. She paid me more than what I asked for because to her, it was nothing compared to the memories I was able to put into book form.

Your action may seem insignificant but to another it means the world... Awareness of the day.


  1. Hi!
    I love your work, so beautifull.
    the valentin book are so... gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Clara,

    I love the paper and materials you used to make your books. They are lovely!

  3. Hi Rozi!

    I LOVE your site, your ideas, your creations and your positive intention and energy. We are definitely sisters in the world of creative intention and energy. It's so great to meet you. I wish you everything in achieving your goals and hope to hear more about what you're doing :) Aalia

  4. Rozi, this is such a good idea! Love it!!


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