Sunday, February 24, 2008

Life Board III

It was art night, of a sort, at Canopy. A bunch of us were making life boards. For some it was their first time, for others their second, for me, this was my third life board.

Life boards are done annually. It's a subconscious way to show what's in store for you for the next twelve months. You have a set time limit to how long you should spend on it, in this case, twenty minutes to hunt and cut your images out, and twenty minutes to stick them down. It's all to do with instinct, no thinking involved. Well, not over think it. And because of the time limit you can't really think of your layout too much or else you wouldn't have a chance to stick down what you wanted to stick down. You can pre-cut your images prior if you like but no guarantee that you'll stick them all down. The images you selected go by what you like, images, colours, words, those that appeal to you.

Comparing my first life board, my second and third, mine just got more wordy. First one, no words, second got some words and third, I couldn't stick them all down. There were those that I thought I was gonna stick in but decided against it at the last minute. There were bits that I glued up and stuck down and a second later ripped it off again.

The base colour of the board have meanings to them. My choices for the first life board was orange, second was dark blue and now my third, pink! I honestly never thought I would've chosen pink. You only get to choose the colour of the board on the spot. Even though I had prepared my images I was still hunting through the many stacks of magazines that we had out.

Everybody came out with their own life boards. All I can say about mine, I'm gonna have a very busy year.

Yes, I like hearts.

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