Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Double Wings!

Made another little book, approx 2 inches high. The cover is nice and fuzzy to the touch. The star at the corner is stitched down with a little bead in the center, you can spin it around. I didn't glue it down, more along the line of I forgot but since it's stitched in anyway I figured it didn't matter. Blanket stitch binding at the head and tail of the spine using invisible thread, this time I just stabbed through the cover instead of the usual slit in previous books.

Double wings cos I don't think one is enough for such a fat book, hehehe. Basically over the weekend I was playing making my books. I was experimenting, stayed out of the studio, sent my sister in and told her to surprise me and she came out with whatever happen to interest her. It was interesting, it got me out of the box. More books to come...

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