Monday, May 19, 2008

New Materials!

I spent the afternoon going through a friend's, Lay Hien, stash of silk scraps. She's going to use it for patchwork. I'm looking for what I can use as book covers. Got several cool pieces, left her house with a bag full of scraps.

Then bought 2 reams of A4 in ivory and white, and 1 ream of A3 in light blue. Can't wait to make books out of these.

Hmmmm, silk book covers... padded or non padded?

I was talking to Pek Ching who does art classes at Rainforest Gallery here, and first time ever admitted I'm just not in the mood to draw or paint. All I want to do for now is to just make. Hence all these books. She invited me to come along their weekly outing drawing sessions, and I could always just drop by the gallery. Maybe that'll kick in the inspiration to start drawing and painting again...

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