Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Story of Lin's Birthday Book

It was Lin's birthday last month, and the brain scratching routine of what to get for her... Well, her brother came up with the present and I'll do the card. So I figured the card will be my present only it has to be more special than just a card. And knowing me, would it be anything less?

When I was designing and experimenting with the ideas, it was while in front of her, hehe. Good thing she was too occupied with her drawings. I only started making the card on her birthday itself after work and knowing there's her birthday dinner to attend to that night as well, time was very tight. Fortunately I already picked a colour scheme and bought the papers already. If any of you guys are stuck for a present, there is nothing more personalised than this... here comes the tutorial!

Total work time, 2 hours give or take...

  1. Take 2 A4 sheet of card and concertina fold evenly.

  2. Count out the spacing, you need a single spacing for the front and back, and every letter will take up two spacing. (I needed to use 1.5 sheets.)

  3. Line up where the letters are going to go, (in my case it was a straight line). mark the centre of each already cut out letter and line it up with the middle line of the two spacing per letter allocated.

  4. Glue letters down.

  5. Cut the outline of the letters that are on the right side of the two spacing to create a pop up of the letter.

  6. Make covers for the front and back. (I used a hard board, covered in the same paper used for the letters of her name, and overlay a chiffon material with silver dots over it)

  7. Attach any embellishments like ribbons onto the cover before sticking the ends of the concertina down.

  8. Decorate the inside pages. (I used a flower shaped punch outs and glued down).

  9. Write birthday messages in 'book' with matching pen, (I used white).

  10. Bring book and pen to said dinner and pass book around for everybody to sign.

  11. Present book to birthday recipient as a memento for her birthday.

Happy Birthday Lin! Have a great year ahead of you! More pictures of the book here

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