Monday, September 22, 2008

BAG Networks Raya Packaging

Remember all that red and cream weaving...

Here's what they're for. I had an order to supply and bag 200 containers of cookies for the company for the Hari Raya celebration. Spent four days weaving the 200 ketupats. Several hours making the 200 tags with logo, cutting it up and putting in the slits. Several hours punching out 400 mini tags, cutting up strings and tying them up, then sticking in random quotes. More hours cutting up the skinny ribbons, 400 of those. Oh, also the stamping on the bags... aaahhh, time out to go pick up the the 200 containers of yummy cookies and bagging them. Then several long hours putting them all together. I'm just eyeballing on the time, I didn't log the hours, must do time sheet next time...

200 bags, all completed!

The back of the bag...
I made four different ketupats, from the top left going clockwise, ketupat satay (because it always accompanies the satay every time you order it - grilled meat on skewers), ketupat raya (you used to see this shape when they serve ketupat during Raya celebration, aka anak bunut), ketupat kikik (because it looks like a kite, aka kapas - I don't know why) and ketupat bawang (because it looked like an onion, aka anak temanggong)

I do get bored making just one kind over and over, plus it's nice to have that bit of variety. And I chucked in one or two odd shaped one as well somewhere into the mix.

When I sent in my samples of package presentation, the presentation was for a cross between traditional, clean and modern. For us Raya celebration is synonymous with ketupats I figured that's a pretty good way of representing the occasion. Using the colour scheme of the company logo and added in a couple of the tags to make it 'personalisable'. All against a background of brown to make the whole thing pop. The person who approved it loved the fact I used a brown bag as it was a concept of the company and wanted to add on the what-the-brown-bag-meant for them and inspirational quotes. Ok, client wishes...

(Oh gosh, I just had an idea how I could change this to a christmas themed version! Whoo hoo! Anyway...)

I'm pretty proud the idea came together and the physical manifestation. I quite enjoy the challenge doing a corporate job. I don't know if they are to go to the staff and clients, or just clients... I hope it goes to the staff too, it would be really nice for them to recieve a present from the company you're working for.

And lastly, I would like to thank all the people who volunteered their time to help me with the repetitive work, ie cutting tags, slits, ribbons, strings, sticky tapes, labels, quotes... punching tags, holes and sticking in quotes and stringing them up... and putting the bags together... you know who you are :-)

Oh, and the cookies were yummilicious! Peanut butter cookies you just pop into your mouth. You just can't stop eating them, will be serving them for Hari Raya open house :-D Good thing the containers were sealed when they were being bagged and that it's fasting month, hehe...


  1. word..WOW!! I love it!! Anyway care to teach me how to weave the ketupat?? Hehe.. I still don't know how to weave *blush*..

  2. Sure Maya, just join the queue. I should open up a workshop really on how to make ketupats...

  3. I finally know what all those ketupats were for! Haha, I knew you were doing something for BAG but thought it was like a huge hamper or something. This is totally cooler than a hamper! XD Thumbs up!

  4. Oh my goodness! Not that I mind a certain amount of repetitive work; it's nice to have the mind go astray while the hands are busy. But 200 - I wouldn't have managed this. Chapeau for you! And they look so nice all together ...

  5. Hi Rozi! You did a wonderful work managing all the hundreds of brown bags! And you sure know how to weave diff types of ketupat! Amazing woman.

  6. Hi dear, I'm from India. I have never seen KETUPATs before. Can you tell me where can I learn to make these different shapes.... can I use this for home decor.. will they stay in the same shape


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