Monday, September 8, 2008

Big Bow Stab Bound Albums

My sister asked for a wedding present to give to a friend of hers, and the friend likes the colours dark green and dark red. I took on dark red and ran away with it and came up with this, dark red thai silk and gold organza ribbons with flower details at the ends.

I liked the design so much I decided to come up with a silver version and paired it up with a really pale purple silk I got in my stash and I got this.

The inside of the albums, rose patterned pages! Perfumed scented too. Roses on the cover, the ribbons and the pages! I love it when things match.

The pages are tabbed too so plenty of space to stick pictures and whatnots in without the covers going all gappy.

Also I was trying to use up the scented papers because I bought a stack of it...
The albums are 8 by 9 inches, it's really 10 but 1 inch is the spine where the stabbing part is that holds the book together, it's that part at the end with the 'V' pattern. That's what nice about this particular binding, it's practical and decorative. The sewing goes from the front and all the way to the back of the album. Another thing I like about the albums, the big organza ribbons are not only decorative, but also practical, you need to untie it in order to access the inside.

The covers are padded so it has a nice soft give when you're holding it. And I couldn't help but add the little flower detail in the corner. Imagine how it'll look lying on your living room coffee table, how pretty it must be...

More pictures of the albums here and a third version I made as well.


  1. hi, i found ur blog link somewhere, what can i say, ur creation are superb and really beautiful. I love almost all of them!!

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  3. hey there!

    Found your blog looong before and ive been drooling on all your books and art! btw i also got an award for u!

    & ur linked.. ok? :D


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