Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pictures From The BCL Festive Fayre

Actually just one, the rest of the pictures are up in my FB, click here.

You know what's cool, out of all the books I had during the fair, I only have five left. I love this time of year when everybody is looking for presents *grin*.

I just recieved a major order yesterday, met up with the client briefly, I have two weeks to get it done because she's bringing it over to the other side of the world in time for Christmas. Fingers crossed.


  1. Hello Rozi... hubby bought 2 boooks for our annivessary. well, you want to hear comments from me. Well, first thing, your work is so smart and so creative. I will write my poems in that book. :)

  2. Fantastic! I hope there's enough pages ;-)

    Thank you for the feedback, I always wondered how people feel when they own a book of mine.

    Happy writing!

  3. woould be enough for now i think. there are only 20+ poems...hee..i love your work.


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