Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All That White and Red II

This was a commission from a dear lady, who asked me to make a book from her son's wedding pictures. It was a mixture of portrait and landscape shots which she had selected and had printed out. I didn't want to do just a regular book and the pictures were beautiful and I felt it would be a shame to just keep it in a book only to open when you want to see it. Since the pictures were about 8 by 12 inches, I told her that I would make the book into a concertina so that not only can they keep it as a book but also able to pull it out as a display.

In theory it was a good idea.

I just had to find the courage to make it.

I'm glad I went with my gut instincts. Here's one of the two books I made.

The book when closed

I kept the front simple, with details coming from the sash of satin organza ribbon across with the bow and little red roses hanging from skinny white satin ribbons with silver details on the side. I used chiffon with silver dots throughout the book to add sparkle and glitter.

Book partially opened

As you can see, it opens up like a regular book with pictures of a beautiful wedding couple. The bride was so pretty and her dress was beautiful, I used her as the inspiration for the books.

Book/Album when opened and displayed

I used the red roses on ribbons at the side as accents and they add colour as well as pick out the bouquet of red roses the bride has. Took me several hours just to put those roses on. In total for the three books I used almost 80 roses.

The pictures are recessed so even when shut they do not touch each other and are not glued down. The only thing that's holding them in place are the ribbons at the corners. That way they can choose to move the pictures around or change it for a different set of images.

The landscape version is the same as well, only when you stretch it all out, they better have enough table space for it.

All in all, the client and husband was blown away when I presented the books. She was so happy I got an extra tight hug from her when she was saying thank you. The books have flown off to Europe as Christmas presents for the wedding couple, and I hope that they feel the same way as their parents did when I presented them the books.


  1. This is indeed a very lovely book Ka Rozi!! I bet you'll get internationally well known after this ;)

    Anyway I've been meaning to follow your last class *sigh* something happened.. But I'll try to attend your class next year!! I've been looking forward to it!! ;)

  2. Rozi, that is absolutely lovely. No wonder the parents were delighted. Very well done!

  3. Thanks Maya, would be great wouldn't it. Shame you weren't able to join in, knowing you it would be a noisy class, heheheh. No worries. I'm waiting for a bunch of tools to arrive so I can set up the timetable for the classes for beginners and intermediate. But I think tentatively there will be one mid January, 18th I think.

    Thank you Doda, I was nervous and excited when I did the showing. But it was fantastic to see their reaction. They were such nice people it made the whole experience so much more wonderful for all of us.

  4. Hi..was bloghopping and saw ur blog..i really love the book..gorgeous


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