Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Books from the 2nd Bookmaking Class

Don't they look great? Totally different from what the first group did. Not going to do night classes again unless it starts at 6 in the evening because we ended quite late. It was a good night none the less.

Wearing black helped, I'm my own background when I was explaining a couple of things to them. You can see Jacq industriously taking down notes in the notebooks I provided for them.

This was the spread for the night, simple but yummy...

Fresh strawberries, Cherries and Clementines with Vanilla Creme
Ferreo Roche Chocolates
Three Cheese Platter with crackers
(Almond & Apricot Cream Cheese, Tasty Chedder, Blue Cheese)
Smoked salmon with olives
Two types of Malay Desserts
Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate & Water

For more pictures of the class, click here.


  1. I luv the outcome.. I was juz wondering do you still conducting classes?

  2. Hi Rina, I still do. Having a class this sunday, possibly the last one for the year. Will put up a timetable for the next quarter so if you're interested, just keep on checking in.

    Thanks David :-)


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