Thursday, January 22, 2009

An Angel Came To Visit

Isn't she a cutie! This is Aisyah, four months old (I hope I spelt her name right) Her dad and I have been friends for the past fifteen years or so. He came by the house one day on his way to his parents and she was with him, the mummy was busy at home so he took Aisyah out so she could do house chores in peace. We all fell in love with her, Win, mom and I. Best well behaved baby ever. Well, in the short time she was around.

Coincidentally, I made a book for another angel, my dear cousin Angeline. My friend Alison asked for a book for Angeline's birthday. I remembered last year, Angeline's sister Adeline asked for the same thing as well because Angeline loves to write. I made three books, all pink themed and Adeline fell in love with one of them and kept it for herself. For this book I just had to add wings, I couldn't help myself. It's too good a coinkidink not to. Angel wings for Angeline. I wonder what she thought of it...

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