Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Blue Green Secret Diary

A mother commissioned a diary for her thirteen years old daughter who loves to write for Christmas. The daughter had requested for blue and green, glitter, pen holder and something big where she could write as well as stick pictures in. That was the gist of it, there were more details on what she likes and it reminded me of me when I was a teenager.

And I thought, what would I want at that age? Something cool, something that I can grow up with, but at the same time still fun. I guess that's where all the glitter stuff comes in. You could see it at the end sheets.

The book resulted in a 12 by 16 inches wide and about an inch thick. It has a journal section with alternating blue and green pages with an exposed spine long stitch binding, some pictures or whatnot could be stuck in there. But I also added in a concertina spine flag book about 7 by 10 inches wide for her to stick in anything she'd like and it'll still be ok as the spine can take on the swell. I had to do the flag book twice because the first one got screwed up due to I was rushing it.

Mental note: Never rush making a book because you end up spending twice as long.

My favourite part, the double pen holders. You can't open the book until you take out the pens that are holding the covers down. Totally love the colour combination, individually the materials I used looked boring on their own, but when combined together with the bright green accent from the ribbon they look fantastic. Well worth making this book.

When the book was delivered they were not home and it went straight under the tree already wrapped up and name tagged. I was told that when she opened it, the mother said it was a success.

I'm happy :-D

More pictures of the blue green diary here.

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