Saturday, January 10, 2009

First Book For 2009

Kinda freaky isn't it. I can't remember what the figure was suppose to be. One of those Balinese gods. Its a tie dye material that was meant to be a sarong because it got borders on the 2 meters length. I got two of those, the other is the same design but a tan coloured background.

How I ended up buying the said materials was, last summer I had to go to Bali for a conference, and on the last day there was some free time and I wandered off on my own. One of the places I wandered into was this area with a big sign saying 'Market Stalls' or something along that line. I like markets. Fun stuff. But this market was kinda dodgy. The stall keepers were hanging outside looking like vultures. Turned out I was the only tourist at that time. I waved them off. One of the locals tagged alongside me and started up a conversation. Since she seemed nice, I relented and went to her stall (should've listened to my gut instinct). Didn't see anything I like and proceeded to walk out. And the female blocked my way! Insisted I buy something. Refused to let me out until I bought something and she was getting mad. Making sure I'm not going to be in mortal danger I ended up selecting the said materials, bargained it down to what I think is an okay amount, if I recalled it worked out to $8 (~5 USD) for both.

She was so grateful for the sale and proceeded to immediately tap everything in the shop with the money (to bring more sales luck). While she was distracted I quickly went out and batted off the hands that tried to grab me to come to their stalls as they witness the whole proceeding with hungry eyes.

I figured it would make an interesting book cover, and now that I have, I still got a whole bunch left. Make more...?

I used a long stitch binding with wrapping on the spine, I added sequins and beads on the eyes. And when the light catches it the right way it'll look red. I used the same material on the inside as the end sheet. It feels a bit too much... maybe because the print is kinda busy. I wonder if it'll work on a bigger book. But I like how on this size that print of that one figure I centered it to the cover.

I might just do a giveaway for the rest of the material. Somebody is bound to like it...

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