Saturday, February 28, 2009


I am hunting for my camera cable. Got loads of pictures but I can't offload them because I can't find my camera cable. The studio got tidied up while I was away and now I have no idea where half my stuff are.

Things I want to write about with pictures:
  • My first male bookmaking participant.
  • The youngest recorded bookmaking participant.
  • Brunei Resources limited edition books.
  • The post valentine book.
  • The custom greeting card book.
  • Long stitch soft cover books for next class.
That's all I can remember off the top of my head right now. I want to go diving tomorrow, but I still have a commission to finish (told client she can pick them up tomorrow) and I might be pulling an all nighter (I hope not) and if I do go diving tomorrow, I'm going to be shot from lack of sleep. So I asked my dive instructor if we can go diving next friday instead, and he said yes, yay! (my weekend is a friday and sunday, I work on saturdays)

Am addicted to playing that scrabble game, Lexulous, on facebook. I've started up games with complete strangers just so I could play.

My cat's gone missing. I hope he'd come back soon. He's back!

Got to make a visit to the framers... Done.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Post Valentine...

This year, I was busy completing a commission such that there was no time to fit in my valentine's book for the fiance. He told me to concentrate on doing the commission first and he can wait. He knows he's getting a artist book you see, because I told him last year, heh. I finished that commission 4am valentine's day morning.

Valentine was spent having a little family party, my dad's birthday falls on the day with mom few days before and my nephew before that. Three birthdays and the table was filled with cupcakes, cheese cakes, meringues, pavlovas, and pies. Fun evening it was as we organised a lucky draw. Microwave oven, dinner sets and DVD player were the most sought items that night! Everybody went home with something.

This image on the left, was something from my archives, it was back in art school, I made my own pen and was trying out a little calligraphy using paint. It was part of a translated poem from the Tao Te Ching. Took a detailed shot and played it up on Photoshop. I think I vaguely remembered how I did that...

Oh, I had a class yesterday, and an 8 years old girl was one of the student. Her finished book was so sweet! Will post about it after I'm back end of the week, I'm flying off in a few hours *wheee!!*

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Making Someone's Day

Met up with Izan for lunch to catch up, and I made her this little concertina flag book as a 'Just Because...' to lighten up her week. She loves purple and orange and the orange paper with colourful spots were just so her, a very bubbly exuberent character. Check out her hair, freshly done! Heheh, oh and the ring she's wearing was mine, I was wearing it that day and it flew off my finger while I was talking, gave it to her since she likes it. One of my favourite rings, it reminds me of kisses xxx.

You can see the snakey pattern paper I used for the flags, the other side of the flags I used plain purple paper and during the lunch we wrote down things that is just Izan on it. Some other friends came to join us and they contributed too. The covers are transparent purple schiffon with glitter. I'm still trying to finish off the material, I've used it on so many projects already... We all had a great time during the lunch, laughing our heads off and swapping stories. Great energy.

Izan is a DJ on one of our radio station Pilihan FM. She attracts a great number of listeners and she host as well on numerous occassions. Fantastic to listen to on my morning commute. If you happen to listen to her on air, tell her you saw her purple orange book and what you think of it.

I have a beginners class tomorrow, two of them will be from Belait district. Ever since we've been having floodings and landslides I'm not too sure if they will be coming because yesterday the main artery road that connects that part of the country was completely blocked by a landslide. I can't call up their guardian because I lost my black book! I've been hunting for that book for the past few days, it contains commissions that I'm suppose to do, class lists, their contacts, more book ideas... So not happy. Apologies in advance if I'm suppose to get back to you but haven't.

Where is that damn book...

Found it!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What I Did Today

I spent all afternoon looking up for pop up books I'd like to add to my library...

I LOVE pop up books! Good pop up books. Paper engineering is such a skill. Creativity in engineering.

Have to start finalizing on the pop ups I planned on making this week, plus a piano hinged structure to house them in, 3 to 4 commissioned books to finish, and prepare for the next class before mid month... Oh dear... :-s


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