Saturday, February 28, 2009


I am hunting for my camera cable. Got loads of pictures but I can't offload them because I can't find my camera cable. The studio got tidied up while I was away and now I have no idea where half my stuff are.

Things I want to write about with pictures:
  • My first male bookmaking participant.
  • The youngest recorded bookmaking participant.
  • Brunei Resources limited edition books.
  • The post valentine book.
  • The custom greeting card book.
  • Long stitch soft cover books for next class.
That's all I can remember off the top of my head right now. I want to go diving tomorrow, but I still have a commission to finish (told client she can pick them up tomorrow) and I might be pulling an all nighter (I hope not) and if I do go diving tomorrow, I'm going to be shot from lack of sleep. So I asked my dive instructor if we can go diving next friday instead, and he said yes, yay! (my weekend is a friday and sunday, I work on saturdays)

Am addicted to playing that scrabble game, Lexulous, on facebook. I've started up games with complete strangers just so I could play.

My cat's gone missing. I hope he'd come back soon. He's back!

Got to make a visit to the framers... Done.

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