Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Current Love!

I saw this on Amazon. No clue what inside would be like...

Went out and bought it
(Sister went on day trip to Singapore, asked her get it there, bookshops here sucks, seriously)

She came home and handed book over.

I opened it up and...


It's beautiful!!


  1. *gasp* IT IS BEAUTIFULLLL.... SO envy lah... Next time I wanna see it Ka? Can? hehehe.. ;)

  2. Sure Maya, just remind me next time you're over.

  3. ohhhh.. i also saw this in amazon last time while browsing through for pop-up books.. eheheh.. lovely~ btw, i tried to search for the elements of pop-up, in which you recommended last time. unfortunately, it was out of stock everywhere :( huhuhu.. so i bought pop up for dummies, waiting for that to arrive.. hope it's a good one!


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