Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Golden Legacy Limited Edition Books

The three limited editions

My brother gave me the soft copy of his writings and wanted it to become a book, sort of a physical manifestation of his soon to be publication. He wanted to have the books ready for our parents birthday and gift to them during the birthday party we organised.

One of the chapters in the book

I spent a whole afternoon just getting the pages printed out in the right order to collate into sections ready for sewing and at least 48 hours under weight to make sure the sections folded flat.

Chose the long stitch binding as it was the easiest (in my mind) binding to do. But I had a bitch of a time with the materials I chose to use for the covers. The spine was a dark red thai silk and the front and back cover were kain tenunan (hand woven cloth with gold threads) that was used as a wedding outfit for my other brother almost 20 years ago, these were the leftover pieces I used.

The author of the book

Three editions were produced, one each for mum and dad, and the other for my brother.

I feel that the books have a lot of significance for my parents, the written words came from their eldest son, the first child, the material used as the book cloth have the memory of the second son wedding, the second child, and the books themselves were made by their second daughter, the fourth child.

Love it when things have reasons and meanings behind them.

Now my brother wants me to make another ten books. Told him it'll have to go in the queue and it'll be a different edition run altogether, the second unofficial printing but with a soft cover this time *grin*


  1. hey...
    just a question...
    how many copies will be published by the publisher?
    I am keen to get a copy for myself...
    not the limited edition ones of course... yang biasa saja.. ^_^

  2. You'd have to wait until he decided to. He's still mulling over it.


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