Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Students & New Book Making Class

They have all increased their skill level up by one. Yay! With just this one basic binding skill, they are able to use it in various ways, guest books, albums to name a few. For me, hello birthdays and christmas presents, you're set for the year *wink wink*

Clockwise from top left: Siti, Ong Yin, Shazana and Huwaida

Huwaida was so hyper I had to tell her to stop asking so many questions and listen so we could start the class. After a while, she actually managed to calm down enough to concentrate on making her book. See, patience... Ong Yin got interested when she learnt about bookmaking from my sister, Siti was finding her talent and Shaz got to do the class as a birthday present.

Clockwise from top left: Jasmine, Felicity, Hanah, Iman and Suzie

Iman is my youngest student to date, she's only 7 years old and man, look at that book of hers, it's colour coordinated I tell you. She had a bit of help with the cutting of the boards, apart from that, she did everything herself. Maybe it's all the training she got from her mom Kak Jazz since her mother is a scrapper. I was told the older sister was quite jealous when Iman came home with her book.

Fel came in between her work shift, a five hour lunch break imagine that. Suzie never believed she could do something like this, and Hanah was looking for something different, she's a freelance graphic designer, she did the logo to that scrapbook place at the mall.

Back from left: Adeline, Angeline, June, Meela
Front from left: Elia, Martin, Lin

This group was fun, noisy and rowdy. Jun brought along pizza (more food). Martin was the first male to venture ever since I started doing the class. He did feel a bit girly at one point but at the end, felt very proud that he was able to acomplish making a book, he's gifting it to his mother. Meela and Martin were competing who could make their book better, she was heckling him during the class. Adeline brought Angeline along (she was suppose to do class last week but came down with chicken pox and Ade figured it'll be good to get her sister out of the house after being cooped up all week long) and they worked as a team, they had the most complete notes ever.

And just after class started the power went out and we had to do it in the dark and it was a hot afternoon (it was to do with a sub station in town that blew up), fortunately the electricity came back on.

From left: Bing, Fifah, Chiong and Lulu (seated)

My first morning class. Started very late because some of them came late, appologies to those who came on time. Very quiet, not sure if it was because everyone was still sleepy or was just concentrating on making their books. The food was all gone though that's for sure. Good news we finished on time, everyone worked fast. Chiong went fancy with his book, he even made a locking tie for his out of the chinese coins that were available.

I have the first intermediate stab binding class this sunday, we'll be making albums and I'm cutting back on the basic stab class because I want to put in the long stitch binding class. I did a trial using a soft cover for the book and it worked well. Am thinking that there's a possibility that we could make two books in one class, one type of binding, two different variations in the same three hours slot. Hmmmm....

Also I was requested to slot in a Friday class as well, my other non working day apart from Sunday, any takers? If there are demands for it I can schedule that in somehow...


  1. Heckling? It wasn't that bad!!! It was all in the name of good fun and spirit :) like a spirited go-pusher :) It gets a bit of getting used to :)

  2. Oh it wasn't that bad. You were also being nice to him ;-D

    You guys just gave me a metaphor in my head which somehow related to the word see, it was all good...

  3. Hahaha...loved the class! Shown my humble book to friends at school and they wanted to do one too! Hehehehehe

  4. siuk eh.. i wish i can join in...


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