Monday, March 16, 2009

Old School Album Class & Notes On Upcoming Classes

Proud faces from left: Suzy, Fizah, Siti, Kay, Shao Ling and little Oscar.

Well, my second class for albums. I had a basic class that morning and the last students finally left at half one, and 15 minutes later Shao Ling turned up with Oscar!  She wanted to get the good seats, ie nearest to me and came early. Funny incidents really that sunday afternoon. My soon-to-be was entertaining Oscar with Batman cartoons and chocolate. Our new kitten Shazam was streaking in and out of the living and dining room, and fell asleep on Kay's bag. Everybody was looking at Suzy's notes because they forgotten some of the steps and she was the one with the complete notes she took from beginners class. Siti, I still remember, from being a none arty person made her album with a flurrish, complete with twirled ribbon and I quite like how she attached the hearts, told her I'm borrowing that idea. Shao Ling worked really fast, and finished before everyone else. Somewhere in the middle, Lian and Nonah turned up with little Ern Ern and maid in tow, a plate of yummy yam cake, the album she made in class last week and the skeleton cover she just made that afternoon. She was having challenges with it and wanted my opinion immediately, hence why she came over. Problem was solved and they went home happy. Nonah made me proud, within a week she had made three books and two albums since the intermediate/advance class last week!

The albums everybody had done all came out beautifully. Beautiful covers of silk and satin with complimentary bows and ribbon ties. They were really excited with the final outcome. The particular stitching method we used was what I dubbed as the corset binding.

I shall post up detailed shots of the kind of album made for this class as soon as I remember to take the pictures.

The last intermediate/advance class for this month for stab binding, aka old school albums, is this sunday. Then I'm taking a couple of weekends off to have some me time and make a date with the sea. I'll post up dates for classes beginning April, some of the previous students have already reserved spots for the long stitch, I'll just have to work out which day it's going to be held.

So next month schedule I'm planning on one beginners stab binding class, one intermediate/advance class and two long stitch classes. Possibly the same goes for May, maybe. No classes for June that's for sure, am going to be pretty occupied *grin*

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