Sunday, April 19, 2009


This year is alot of happenings, with the wedding coming up and friends giving birth, lots of good things to look forward to... Whilst on my two weeks break from work and moving studio, I took time out to visit the new babies and hung out on a sunny weekday afternoon...

Me with baby Emelda. The daddy, Erwan, is a dear friend of mine and he'll be doing my wedding photography. When I learnt of the name they had given to their daughter I said to them, you have given the legacy of shoes to her... (ref: Imelda Marcos) Mommy Mimi is looking forward to it.

This is Rafi. He's the boy to my other dear friend Rashid. The first kid in the group. He's two plus now and has started nursery. That's his machine in front of him. He's only two and he already got a computer!

The recent addition to the group, baby Hana. Only a few weeks younger than Emelda, future playmates considering the dads are good friends.

Us girls at Rashid's and Lina's place. That's Lina on the left with Hana and Rafi, Mimi talking with Lina about being a new mom. Me fussing over Emelda, and Erwan taking the picture. Rashid was at work. We don't get to hang out as often nowadays with getting married and having kids and work and hobbies and classes, but we make the effort to. Looking forward when it's my turn to host dinner, with kids!


  1. Oh I see someone's practicing :P

  2. Hahahahah ;-D preparing self for future happenings


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