Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Book Makers On The Loose

I love showcasing those who came with no skill or knowledge in this field, did the class, and come out with a book made with their very own hands. When I do the class, I don't touch their books during the process unless I really have to. This is to give them the confidence and awareness that they are capable of making their very own books. I just have to make sure that my instructions are clear to follow and step by step. Time when I handle their books is at the end of class, and that's when I tell them the bits I'm impressed with and what they missed out on and bear that in mind when they make their books on their own. I'm very proud of these folks, in just three hours, I can see them grow...

Pardon the pictures, they came out really weird and I don't have photoshop on me at home...

Left to right: Kat, Kalsum, Tenten, Mariana & Zuliana

Kat got given a gift voucher to do the class and she comes to the house quite regularly and saw the particular kit and booked it for quite some time until she was able to find a free time to do it. This was a morning class and she stayed on for the intermediate class for the afternoon when one of them pulled out at the last minute and Kat took over. Kalsum and Tenten (who is also a friend of one of my ounger cousins) are the inlaws of Mariana, she dragged them along. Mariana is from the other end of Brunei and an avid reader of this  blog. We also found out some of the people and friends I knew from school works with her and she wanted to bring them along too, that would have been interesting. Zuliana is a lecturer from ITB, my aunt asked me to contact her and an email later she came. She enjoyed herself and has ready access to power drills for more books because she teaches in an engineering university. 

Left to right: Sophiana, Hayati, Me & Danna

Aunty Sophiana is dad's first cousin, Hayati is the daughter, that makes her my second cousin. Aunty Sophiana was very concerned that Hayati cut her boards properly and all that. Hayati seemed to be slightly embarrassed with all the mothering, hehehe, but they both felt really proud that they were able to make something like this. Danna has also been following the blog and figured she'd better do the class now before she's going to give birth. I thought that was cool, can make a book about the baby.

Left to right: Syafeenas, Sofia & Nureen

Three sisters, 10, 9 and 11 respectively. Their mother is the one that is doing my wedding outfits. She got her girls to do the class because she wanted to keep them occupied for their school holidays. I wasn't sure how I was going to handle children as a group because what concerns me is the handling of the knife. I debated on changing the class just to accommodate them, but in the end I didn't as one of my main objective with these classes is to create confidence in themselves and just kept to the original. My usual assistant Wina wasn't available that day and I had to get a sub, Kat. My sister came home at the nick of time because the three of us had to supervise one each. Syafeenas was the shyest of the lot and Kat was with her all the way. Nureen and Sofia had a bit of competition going on and between the two Sofia was the outspoken one and she was quite quick considering she's the youngest out of the lot. Sofia didn't need much supervision but I kept my eyes on her just in case. Nureen got my sister to watch out for her.

At the beginning they were really shy and quiet, by the time they finished their books they were very bold and asked if they'll be doing this again the next week. I said it's up to your mum. Got a hug from each one of them when they left. And their books, beautifully done, better than some I've seen.

Left to right standing: Amoy, Sharina, Kylder. Sitting: Kat, Rachel, Katherine

Kat had already done the beginners and intermediate, she came in again for a refresher as well as to keep her sisters Kylder and Katherine company as she gifted the class for their birthdays including her friend Sharina. Amoy was the daughter to a friend of theirs who was only 13, and Rachel was my sister's work colleague who one night came over to do work and ended up wanting to do the class because Zana was telling her about the books that was all over the dining room that they were doing their work in. Kat was telling me that when she came home the first time around of doing the class Kylder got a hundred and one questions about the whole thing. When Kylder was in class, I think I only got three questions out of her. All of them were really proud of their books.

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