Saturday, April 25, 2009

Paper Flowers

I need to make about 60 corsages for the wedding, to keep the cost low and have something I like. I never liked the ones that were store bought because it's all mass produced and I can't stand the sloppy glue gun usage that were used to make them.

So far I've narrowed the search down to these...

This I really like, it's a bouquet! I could make my own bouquet... the instructions teaches you to make various types of flowers that makes up the bouquet. Click here for link.

Martha Stewart pompoms. They look like carnations, isn't it sweet looking? Wina showed me how to make this once, but hers didn't turn out looking like this. I have deduced a hypothesis why after seeing this. Click here for link.

This one is absolutely fantastic! But I would need a large six petal flower punch to make this. Anybody out there got one I could borrow? It would significantly reduce the workload to punch the shapes out than to trace and cut out. Click here for link.

This one is easy. Old school, reminded me of a craft book from the 70s. Click here for link.

Then there's this other link which I have yet to check out the pdf instructions as there was no picture with the post. Worth checking? I don't know yet.

I really have my heart set for the paper rose, second would be the pompoms and then it's a toss up between the bouquet and the crepe rose because the bouquet looked complicated and the crepe rose looks uninspired but dead easy.

Originally I wanted to do one using origami... maybe I should still... Hmmmmm...

Will look around some more...


  1. I vote for the bouquet. very pretty and very green and eco friendly. of course non toxic glue is highly advisable.

  2. Definitely the first one!! I LIKE!!

  3. owh GREAT! Thanks for sharing the links Rozi.
    Now im thinking of doing my owh bouquet for my wedding.

  4. the bouquet is pretty...the roses too....

  5. Paper flowers!!! I've been wanting to find the instructions/tutorials to do them, but never found the nice one. The first one is so nice. But I was wondering how would it look like if you combine all of them? (=

    p.s. Thanks for sharing this.. You're such an angel!

  6. Definitely the bouquet is pretty, but I'm not sure if I have the patience to sit down and do it... Also I haven't seen any pastel crepe paper around here. Maybe one day I'll sit down and just do it.

    Right now I need something that can be instant and won't take up a lot of time to complete.

    I need to head down to the florists...


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