Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Surprise Birthday Party

My fiance got smarter this year. He was all prepared to not get sprung on like what happened to him last year on his birthday. So I have to be even smarter. I planned it a month plus in advance, I organised getting his friends together for that day, and it was held a couple of days before his actual birthday. Was he surprised, totally.

I made these stencils to go for the chocolate pudding, he likes this particular Superman logo, it's from the Kingdom Come series if you're wondering. You'll see later how that turned out.

This was the present that he got that night, I had to make the paper bag because it was the best way to wrap up this particular present.

Here are the rest of his presents, I wrapped them up individually and gave one a day leading up to his birthday.

Here's us with the cake I specially ordered for him, a bit of a drama happened getting this cake and everything turned out fine in the end. Phew. I so love the girl who made this, she is the bomb! All I said to her was Superman and teddy bear, and I left her to it.

Check out the detail on the bear. Look at that logo. So cute and perfect! I chose not to have any wordings for the cake and asked for the bear to hold a present instead.

I was fiddling around with the cake and moved the present and aaahhh!! He's wearing the red underwear and a belt! You couldn't see this detail earlier on because the bear got a cape on and hidden by the present. I love her attention to details I tell you. All you people who live locally and want to get your hands on this, go to, and you will deal with a very sweet person. The super teddy was saved and is now in an air tight container in the fridge, the rest of the cake was demolished, a yummy chocolate fudgy cake.

Here's the crowd, we came in last and everybody sang happy birthday to him, that's about almost 30 people in this room. Wished I saw his expression though, he was stunned and that managed to pull a fast one on him. Although that day there were danger of it being leaked when people were asking him if the dinner was that night, of course he had no clue what they were referring to...

Remember the stencils in the beginning, this is what they're for. Superman themed chocolate pudding! Out of all the chocolate puddings I tasted, they have the best. Johanes was such a dear preparing the menu and making sure everything was done properly. That's why I like going there, and the food is good too. Villa Mauri, go, say hi to Johanes.

While we were enjoying the yummy dessert, Dr Phillip was regaling us with his saxophone playing a couple of renditions for us. Some guests from the restaurant sat in to listen to him play.

He got two cakes that night. The second one came out after the chocolate pudding and more birthday singing. Everyone had a good time, the food, the crowd, the atmosphere, the service, it went as planned. Now I have to think up a plan for next year.


  1. Wow! Your man has got himself quite some woman!
    How are you going to keep surprising him every year?

    How long is it until the wedding?

  2. I don't know Doda, one year at a time it seems. I have an idea for next year already, just need to plan it out. I also have quite a few projects with him in mind that I like to finish so I'm set with birthday presents ready and waiting... I'll get to it.

    Not long now, seven weeks to go. I have to make 600 invites before end of April. And lots of things to finish before end of May. I have to stop taking orders for the moment or else I won't have time to sleep :-p

    So many things happening that needs doing... life is good :-D

  3. Sweet paper bag. Cool Superman theme. When you
    throw a party you really know what you are doing,
    what a fulfilling experience!

  4. Thank you Cynthia, had to use a whole large sheet of corrugated card for that, he gave it back after he took out his present so I can use it again. He knows I'm big into repurposing objects.

    He's a big fan of Superman, if I planned it a little bit more everybody would be wearing blue and red and their underwear on the outside! Hahahah


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