Monday, May 4, 2009

End Of The Season

I have just done the last two classes today (Pictures whenever I offload my camera) Here are some interesting numbers regarding the classes I've been conducting...
  • 22 classes I've had in total.
  • 16 of them were Beginners Stab Binding Class.
  • 3 were Intermediate/Advance Stab Binding Class.
  • 3 were Long Stitch Binding Class.
  • 63 students had learnt how to make a stab book.
  • 3 students returned and did a refresher.
  • 1 did the class three times.
  • 3 students were male.
  • 1 was a seven year old girl.
  • 17 of them returned to learn how to make albums.
  • 14 students learnt how to make a long stitch book.
  • 4 were taught how to make the alternative version.
  • 2 students never did the stab bound book but did the long stitch instead.
  • 93 is the total nuumber of students that had sat in my class(es) and made books.
  • 2 of the albums I've made I gave away.
  • 1 were sold.
  • 2 of the stab books were mailed off for a giveaway I had.
  • 4 were sent to various friends overseas.
  • 3 were used as payment for services from Wina (making the pin cushions and her assistance in the class)
  • 1 were donated as a condolence book for everybody to sign.
  • 20 bone folders were sold, I only have ten left and would need to get more I reckon.
Wina and I had a great time conducting the classes. A lot of preparation and thought went through each class...
  • Refreshments - the cakes and yummies I've had for the classes were ordered a week in advance, some were picked up the night before and others were picked up that very morning before class. The table will be laid out the same day as the equipments.
  • Equipments - the table were set up the night before or several days before even, equipments were cleaned, some replaced and laid out. The pots topped up.
  • Kits - my rule of thumb is to make at least three times as many students I'll be having for that class. They are usually made several days in advance, if I'm really good I make enough for two or three classes in one go.
  • Ambiance - we try to pick a nice instrumental music for the background, although during the time when Mama Mia was out, the sounds of Abba filled up the room. Oil burners were lit for the room and for the toilet, the scents we have used were sandlewood, ocean breeze and jasmine. Lit up extra tea lights in pretty tea light holders for the toilet.
  • Wina - she assist me in setting up and getting the classes ready, tidying up removing the pieces that is not required by the students anymore and keeping the table tidy, ensuring each student have their glass of water constantly topped up, removing used plates and cups, help clean up after classes are over. Makes my life easier.
  • Post Mortem - after every class, Wina and I sit down and discuss what went well, where we slipped up, what and where to improve, the energy of the class, what to order for the next class, discuss feedbacks from the students to incorporate for the next class.
What I've learnt from doing classes:
  • To be very organised.
  • Not everybody is logical in thinking.
  • Patience.
  • It did not make a dent in the amount of stuff I have.
It's a very rewarding experience, and it's fantastic to see the confidence level soar. Some had old myth of not being creative or artistic broken, most had their first time experience using a power tool (great fun!), some were forced into doing the class and come out in the end throughly enjoying it. It was important for me that everybody left feeling very pleased, that they enjoyed it and worth their while.

Time to rest... well, no not really, I have a wedding to prepare and several important orders I have to finish before the end of this month and move the rest of the studio over to the new place. At this rate that means... I can only rest in July! *sigh*


  1. I've just had class wit u Yesterday morning n now i've made 5 long stitch Binding books with different sizes. i even made the windowed long stitch Bindbooks. My daughter love it n i've made one for her too. Ur class was well organized and me nda sampat eat the yummy cakes atu... looks delicious but i'm in a hurry jua to attend my cuz wedding.
    Will join again ur class nxt tym n klw dpt buat classes on Engagement folders, making flowers, Dos-A-Dos Book n as well as Greeting cards... ;)

  2. u did a magnificent job!
    its evident that a lot of time, thought n effort were put into setting up each class... syabas my dear! :)
    can't wait to see what u did n be doing for the wedding!

  3. Yeaahhh we did it!!! Although I haven't started my 2nd long stitch book binding hehehe... Talking about being lazy yesterday.

    Anyway thanks for all your teaching & knowledge etc,etc foods hahaha.. In fact I'm proud that I attended all your classes!! Cheers!! :D

  4. I had a really good time at the class Chin. Your instructions were clear but I must say the refreshments were a very big distraction! hehehehe

  5. *sigh* I missed your class yesterday. Had to attend my cousin's wedding. I still keep the book I made. Never thought I could make one! I smile every time I look at it :) Your class sure builds one's confidence. I am a live proof!! Btw, when's your big day dear? Hope the preparation goes well :)

  6. Hurrah for us! The best part was 93 people have come into our lives and they left with a piece of us in them :)

  7. So cool to read all these fantastic comments, I'm so proud of you guys. And thank you for your continuing support. As long as there are those willing to learn, I will have classes :-D


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