Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I ♥ Nik Kershaw & Some Other Stuff...

I only have one more weekend left until the whole wedding thing happening *eep*. Is everything prepared, I don't know. To catch those 'moment' shots, I don't know. Are my outfits even ready, I checked and was told they're not even sewn yet! Gee, that really helps with my anxiety level... Am I getting enough sleep, not really. It's one of those tossing and turning and tossing and turning and upset over things cos your mind is all confused and jumbled up with what's going on and unfinished dresses(!!) and trying to keep your cool and pretty much probably have stepped on some toes and you're upset you made them upset and this can go on but you get the picture.

So one night because of not being able to sleep, I was chatting online to a fellow book binder in Germany (Hi Sandra!) who is totally excited because she's going to catch A-Ha in concert, I bet you it's front row seats. I mentioned I've always love Nik Kershaw since I was a kid. He's so cute! And so spent the next few nights on YouTube watching his music videos. I'd like to share this one song of his with you all. The music video speaks to me, and the lyrics I love.

Just in case you can't see the video, go here. I got the chorus on repeat in my head alongside with 'Dancing Girls', quite fun seeing a bunch of senior ladies dancing.

My friend Sarah sent me a really nice text on my phone this morning, thanks Choo. It helps. My Soon-To-Be said something really sweet to me last weekend, it was very comforting and reassuring and solidified that we're meant to be on this journey.

I'm trying to finish the wedding guest book for a friend's wedding this weekend, for some reason I'm struggling with it. No worries Ryan and Christine, it will be in your hands before the day complete with glitter pens! And dammit I forgot to bring the glue.

I must be hormonal-ling since I'm having all these emotions at the same time, my period is late.


Big time.


  1. My dear, it's not hormon-aling..... you're v anxious cos the big day is nearing.... Breathe, breathe, breathe and don't stop breathing! You've got a list of things to do etc so tell your brain to stop rambling! :) *hugssss*

  2. Happy weddingness :) It's anxiety -- mine was late (and came on honeymoon -- meh) -- they say something like 50% of brides get sick on the honeymoon, due to pent-up-stress relief. But relax, breathe as CL said, and happy :)

  3. Calm down sister :) Everything will turn out well before you know it. Breathe in, breathe out :)

  4. Hey Rozi... Omigod Wedding Dress not sewn yet?
    Dont worry.. Mintak doa banyak2 semoga Allah permudahkan setiap urusan. Insya Allah everything will turns out well dgn izin Allah.

  5. Hey hey.. i've received the package, thank you so much. And I'm back in brunei already (=

    by the way, don't get too tense... it's your wedding, relax and enjoy it..

  6. Hi ya

    Ever thought of joining the chat forum for Nik?

    I would put a link on here but it won't let me...try going through his website...

    See you there!

    Kriss :-)

  7. Best of luck for the wedding. Good to meet another Kershaw fan. Kriss is right, come and join the forum - its fun and you'll find out lots of stuff about him. I found this through a Nik Kershaw google alert, but I notice you are an artist (I used to paint - did a Degree in Fine Art many years ago). Some of the work I see on your site looks beautiful. Cafmo ;-)

  8. CL: *taking big deep breaths*

    Margurite: Really? Ack! We going into the jungle overnight after wedding with some friends from UK and Singapore, does that count as honeymoon? We haven't actually planned for one, hard for him to take leave from work at this moment.

    Suzi: Am breathing *takes deep breath*

    Syaz: My mum went there yesterday and scolded them *lol* then I wasn't happy with the fitting >:-(

    Balloon girl: Maybe I should've just waited for you to get back and it would've saved me on postage... $20 bucks bloody hell just to mail...

    Kriss: I never realised he got a chat forum until when I looked through his site. Will join when after this whole wedding thing is done.

    Cathy: Thanks Cathy, when I was a teenager I thought I was the only one who's a Kershaw fan. Now twice that age, found out there's a whole lot of ou guys out there, woo hoo!

    I did a degree in Visual Communication specialising in Illustration where I did a lot of three dimensional work, right after that did a Masters in Book Arts hence alot of books mainly on this site, one in a while when the urge hits then I start painting again, hehehe. Do you still keep up with your fine arts?

  9. Bring on th dancing girls :-)

    You are so right, it will be front row seats!!! Can´t wait to be there...

    Have a great day!

    hugs & kisses,


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