Monday, May 11, 2009

My New Studio Space

Yay! I found my camera cable! Found it this morning as I was clearing the work surfaces of the studio as the movers are going to move the last bits of the furniture today, the work benches and sofa bed. Those stuff are all on the floor now, will sort it out next few days. Never realised there were so much stuff...

I said a couple of weeks ago I'd show you the new studio at the new house I'm moving into. It's on the first floor and got windows all around. It was originally a balcony with double sliding doors. Then during one of the renovation the living room downstairs got extended and the balcony got turned into a spacious varandah. Then, when this whole getting married business came up and I said I'll move in there, we had the windows put up. By then it was already decided that'll be my studio space hence all the windows. Also because old studio only had one window and it was blocked up by my racks and I yearn for daylight. Now I have it all around!

These pictures are taken with me standing at the doorway. That's the neghbour's house on the left.

The table can seat 6 people to give you an idea of how big the space is. That tall building in front got the convienent store, tailor, photocopy place and car tires workshop.

The right is my favourite view, the trees! Also if you look out the window you could see the main road. You can't really see the house from the main road unless you know what to look out for. So cool! I'm planning that to be my painting corner.

I wonder if this space is big enough... and how it will be like once I've moved in and settled down. All of our stuff are currently downstairs in one of the spare rooms and my canvases spread around the house. I'm still debating on whether to have built in cupboards with work surfaces or just use the dismantable racks. I asked a friend who's an interior designer working in Singapore to help me design the space, and her dad's a contractor here so that's quite handy, only she won't be back for a while. I have to live with the space first and we'll see how it goes...

Now that all my stuff are in boxes, I won't be making anything for a while because if I start opening them up they'll be all over the place. For now it is safe that they stay in the boxes until after the wedding and honeymoon is all done and we settled into our life in the house. Then I'll take everything out and set up the studio!

Right now, I'm studio-less...


  1. Owhh cool!!! Very spacious! Where's future class is gonna be? Here too? ;) All the best with the decos! Love the views with the trees! Awesome!

  2. You do realize we are the kind of people who fill up every bit of space we can find right? Eventually we'll be extending the studio huhuhu.

  3. happy happy just got your book :) so much fun! now to decide what to put in it...

  4. Well - this studio space looks really cool.
    I love the view with the trees too. So soothing.
    I can't wait to see what you'll do with it.
    Only one week - wow! I am very excited for you. I hope it all goes wonderfully well and that you have a long and happy and blessed marriage.

  5. Suzi: Future classes most likely will still happen in the dining room, if I have classes up here, I'd have to keep the place really tidy, too stressful to clean up every time for class, heheheh...

    Win: I know... It's terrible...

    Margurite: Cool, so happy you like it :-D

    Doda: Isn't it just Doda :-D I wonder if I'm going to be just staring out the window all the time. Thank you for the wishes, much appreciated. The anxiety is killing me...


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