Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh So Pretty!

I've been saving this image to post up for a couple of weeks already, remember a couple of weeks back me going on about my wedding invites and all... How I went and cut up sheets of paper and folded and folded and outlined and got my relatives over armed with a pair of scissors each for a couple of nights... Well, you're looking at some 1200 pieces of red, white and grey what-the-heck-are-they. After everybody had left, these covered the whole dining table and Shazam! playing games where she'd plow through the pile, jumped off the table when I scolded her, jumps back on when I'm not watching and repeat. In between her messing about she was constantly changing the little hillocks. And this was a picture op not to be missed. Since the nearest thing was the phone, used that to take this shot. Then Shazam! jumbled it all up again. What a coincidence that the light caught that one piece and highlighted the heart shape just so. Happy accidents!

Mom spent the past couple of days labeling the envelopes for the invites, not to mention that there was a slight error with the naming (*koff* somebody got promoted *koff*) and had to do a re-labelling on all 600 invites. I don't know why we even have 600 invites, the place can only hold 600 people. But yes for those of you who happen to be in my FB contact would have noticed how my status was having a countdown to what was in the picture above.

More pictures to come, most likely next week, I still have offloading camera challenges.


  1. Hehehehe.. Y kaka nda inda take a pic of Shazam! playing around???? I love dat kitty!! Hehehee.. Nanti kidnap ia since I know where u put it :P

  2. its such a nice capture... so pretty...
    labelling as in the wakil list? thats a pain... :p
    can't wait to see the rest!
    Shazam! is such a bundle of energy... more pics of meow meow pls :)

  3. CL: Thank you thank you *takes a bow*

    Maya: She was moving too fast, she knew she was being naughty. I like to see you try ;-p

    Sen: Tis, isn't it. Labeling as in addressing envelopes to give to people. I'll get around to it when I'm in a more relaxed mood and Shazam! will be in it too.


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