Saturday, May 2, 2009

Painting While Depressed

Fire in My Soul

Here's a strange bit, I noticed that (after it was pointed out to me...) I only paint when I'm upset or depressed. Strange huh, pretty effective though, the ice cream is safe. And this painting came about when I was upset about something (can't remember what it was now) and needed to get that negative energy out of me. I didn't feel like painting my rose series (even though I have a dozen more to go...) plus I wanted to use up this tube of gold acrylic paint which was just too translucent. I must be angry since the background was flaming red and just slapped on the gold, quite like the effect the brush marks created. The gold seemed a bit flat for me still and to add on the fire effect I glitterized it. The painting is alive when you see it in real life how it shimmers and sparkles especially where the gold and red meets. One of my rare abstract pieces. Still not sure if it's finished, am thinking of using gold leaf on it to create more texture...

I also decided to make a twin for the painting where it is the opposite, dark, still and depressing. I started it, the base colours were down, it was just a matter of working more into it. But it was never finished, after that I was never depressed enough to paint. It's hard trying to paint depression when one is happy :-)


  1. I like it, it jumps out at u...
    shd visit ur studio one day...

  2. Hmm .. Glad it works out for ya.

  3. Sen: Yes, when everything is in place.

    Suzi: One of the many ways, the other is beating the hell out of my punching bag...


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