Friday, May 29, 2009

Ryan & Christine's Wedding Guest Book

The book is making it's debut tonight for their wedding dinner. I kept the look simple and uncomplicated. I forgot to bring my camera so was using my camera phone to take these shot at work. My office roommate thought the book is for my wedding, nope, not my colours. I have a different idea for mine, providing I remember to do it.

The covers is a textured purple paper, with a big pink with gold trimmed organza bow that is both practical and decorative. And I dressed up the ribbon with paper flowers at the ends.

To open up the book the bow is untied and I added two tiny bunch of flowers with skinny purple bows just so the front won't look so empty. Roommate asked where I bought the tiny bunches and was amazed when I said I made them, it was a no brainer. Then we went into a discussions on how to look for inspirations, more of me doing the talking and she listening.
When the pages are turned, at every gutter is a pop up flower! I had to do that. And decorated the sheets with punched out flowers in the same paper that I used to make the pop ups. Sticking those down took ages and sticky fingers. The pages I used are perfumed light pink with roses on it.

A little glimpse of my table at work and that the guest book is a concertina. so tonight Ryan and Christine can just stretch the whole thing out on a table and people can write their well wishes without having to cue. And I supplied about eight pens in pink, purple and grey for the guests to use to write in.

After the function is over, they can stick in pictures of the dinner into the book as well on areas of the pages which aren't signed, so they can personalised it even more and whenever they look through the book, they can recall the happy moments of the night as they read the dedications that will be written in the book.

Congratulations Ryan and Christine, my wedding gift to both of you.


  1. so so so nice and simple... i love the big ribbon n the tiny flowers... the details r so exquisite!

    can't wait to see wat ur's will look like... :)

  2. 2 thumbs up!! ;) 1 of your best work.

  3. Oh nice!! Can't wait to see your OWN wedding book! :D

  4. Sen: Thank you, this one was a just-let-the-guts-do-the-work work.

    Maya: Serious? Who'd've thunk...

    Suzi: IF I have a wedding book for wedding ;-)


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