Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I finally finished sorting out my new studio. And I don't think I'm able to do classes this month like I thought I would, because we hadn't moved in yet. Waiting for curtains. Also we haven't found the right dining table either. And I'm looking around for the right work table that I can fold up so we could use it for classes in the studio! I also have to make curtains to cover up the shelves so it'll look all neat and tidy.

Prior to the wedding I thought we would have plenty of time to sort out the house, but post wedding realistically we only have the sundays to do it. The rest of the days in the week was moving like nomads between staying at my parents and his parents place. Then there were some weekends where he had to go down to the other end of the country for work as they had just set up a new branch over there leaving me by myself. It took lots of sundays just to sort out my studio alone. So far the rooms we were able to cover are my studio, his studio, the kitchen and the bedroom.

I have said the house we're moving into was older than me, and it still have all it's original built in wardrobe. When I took out the built in drawers, it apparently was hording what looked like three decades worth of dust. And the drawers were the old school kind, where the runners were made out of wood, none of those fancy plastic rollers that they glide on. I thank the fandangled vacuum cleaner we got to remove most of the dust and I still had to wipe every surface down with a damp cloth to pick up the rest, and the stick of candle that I have in my toolbox and the knowledge that I read from somewhere when dealing with drawers that stick is to rub the candle all over the runners. I now have smooth gliding drawers!!

Post wedding I've been getting lots of orders. But, there was no way I could take them because they were too short notice and I don't really have access to my studio on a regular basis. I've been so tired and drained as you can see I haven't posted anything up on the blog for a while, let alone make books and customs.

I also have a new addiction, I'm probably late in discovering this but thanks to having to wait for an hour for the DH one day when picking him up from work, I discovered sudoku. I've been working at it ever since. While at my late uncle's wake, one of his brother found late uncle's sudoku book and we both poured over it solving a puzzle. It was that bad... I walk around with a sudoku book in my bag, because you never know when all of the sudden you have to wait. Something meditative about trying to figure out where all the numbers are suppose to go, I literally zone out. My DH learnt how to solve the puzzles too now, we take turns filling in the book.


  1. I love all your makings! What fun unique ideas! Thanks so much for stoppin gy my blog!

  2. Thanks Lindsay, I like your blog posts! I read them all the way until the first entry, I just had to follow you right after that for more :-D


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