Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Bit Of Charity

This post is better late than never... Three weeks before Christmas, Wina and I decided for this Christmas why not raise funds for Animal Shelter Brunei? Rather than wait for someone to organise something, why not take the initiative to do it, and we did.

We sold stuff we made and all proceeds went to AS. With the help of the ladies from the Hen House Harriers, and a few friends, we managed to raise almost $400. Thank You!! We only did our selling after our weekly run, so that was pretty good in two nights.

These are some of the stuff we've made for the first night, the second night which was the week after we sold totally different stuff which I don't have pictures of, mainly the pop up cards I made, didn't take pictures of those, but they all sold out! Yay! And some old cards I made from years back which all sold out too. Double yay! And books I made which I sold off at a ridiculously low price just because I got tired of seeing them. Whoever had coveted them, you could've had them for a steal!

The idea for this was to use up stuff we have and donate our time and effort. We only had a few days to make all these things and we made sure we had at least a dozen per item or try to...

On our first night it was pouring buckets, but that didn't dampen our spirits, from the back of my car we did a quick set up. Fortunately we moved to a more dryer location when we had the shout out at our joint master garage, we were able to set up the small tree and hung all the ornaments and displayed all the cards. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of that.

These are some of the recycled greeting cards flowers I made using old greeting cards. I like these because they're a present and a card at the same time. You can write your greeting at the tag that's hanging from it. Anybody interested it's $4 each, various colours and always making them because they come in handy for last minute stuff. So all proceeds I make from these goes straight to AS.

My attempt at making Christmas wreath or any wreath for that matter. It looked so easy yet so hard! I ran out of ideas after the fourth one, hence why there're only four, all sold out.

Glittered tealights that Wina made and packaged. Finally got some use out of the many packs of glitter and curling ribbons I have. Packaged all pretty too. The silver purple all sold out, and we made gold and red, anybody want those it's $2 per pack, all for AS.

Wina called these colourful snowflakes, you can see them hanging in the first picture, we sold these for $4, I think there are 3 left and she used them as decoration to hang on her when she dressed up like a decorated Christmas tree.

These are really cute Christmas tree ornaments that Wina made and beaded. She checked out the ones they sold in the shops and hers are way better and cost less too, and it's all for the animals. She also did beaded and sequined candy cane ornaments as well. I must ask her to make me a beaded tree just for my collection.

Our next lot we're targeting Valentine's Day and St Patricks, there're going to be lots of hearts and four leaf clovers in the plan. Hopefully, we'll be able to raise more for Animal Shelter. We also have a donation box and a basket for people to donate pet food as well, it was great when people tell us to put their change into the box, extra money raised!

So if you feel really strongly about a particular charity, find ways to help them and do it. This is just my way of helping the charity I strongly feel about.
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  1. kudos Rozi...
    we shd all do our little bits to make this world a better place for someone else... ^_^

  2. wow! that's really honourable what you & wina were doing.. well done girls!! :)

  3. how creative. now, i have now my idea of creating a valentines card for school project..tnx a lot!


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