Monday, January 4, 2010

What New Year Brings


I've been away for quite some time...
Am slowly uploading pictures of past events...
Playing catch up so to speak...
Bear with me...
A huge chunk of it is thanks to this one...
Who would've guessed, not me that's for sure, I was convinced I was coming down with something and it was anything but this...

How was I suppose to know apart from being nauseous like hell, on top of that I was fasting which made it worse. I was convinced I was lacking in certain minerals or vitamins. And the fact my period was very late made me sure I was sick.

Figured before I head to the doctors I better eliminate a certain question which I'm sure they'll ask. No way I'm going to give them that satisfaction.

It was late in the day when I did the stick.



So that's what all that nausea was about!

First trimester was spent with the toilet bowl and bed all day long, I didn't get morning sickness like most people did, my morning was great! It was after I got out of bed was when the tsunami hits. I was in no mood to do anything, although for some bizarre reason I was cooking often but not eating.

I'm in my second trimester now, and feeling better. I'm back in the studio. This year I planned big things in this space. And I only have a few months to do them in before my whole life changes again. Better start cracking...

Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. Congratulations Rozi!! :D Wow it's a good year to start with now baby is coming :D I'm happy for you and hubby *hugs*

  2. Congrats i was said the other day was bingo :)

  3. Happy new year, Rozi! Such good news :-)
    I´m really happy for you!
    Hugs & kisses,

  4. Suzi: Thanks dear, baby came earlier than anticipated XD

    Alina: Thanks Alina

    HL: Yes, only I chose to ignore the question ;-)

    Sandra: Thanks Sandra, hope you had a great vacation, new year and christmas :-D

  5. Well congratulaitons!!!! In answer to your quesiton on my blog - Is reupholstery as easy as I make it look? Yes and no. I am slef taught, so I have basically learned by trial and error and lots of reading and research, but it is a ton of fun and I get lots of enjoyment out of it. It is definately worth a try sometime - - maybe after the baby!! Congrat again!

  6. Happy New Year.
    Congratulations! I did wonder!
    What lovely news!

  7. Thanks Amy, yeah, maybe after baby, hehe...

    Happy New Year to you too Doda, a very pleasant surprise it was :-)


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