Monday, January 18, 2010

Would You Like To See Where I Create?

Right, am biting the bullet, I look at all the other artsy craftsy blogs out there and when they feature their studios it looks like a dream. I'm like, no way I can compete with these lot! Lovely curtains, soft furnishings, beautiful arrangements here and there... But hey, each studio got their own personality right? Mine is still in the process of being shaped, right now it just needs to function.

These pictures, was the studio's current state few weeks back, now it looked like a hurricane went through it, need more shelves so I can organise the stuff more effectively. One day I'll have purpose built storage for all around the room... one day...

These are my two work table, the higher is actually a kitchen island that used to be in my mother-in-law's kitchen, she had hers replaced and so we took this one, I like the height as it allows me to work standing up, which I tend to for easier movement. The lower table was some generic six seater dining table which came with the house. That's Shazam! being her cat like self...

So we know this space used to be a verandah, check out the late 80s floor tiles, and glass sliding doors leading to it from the family room. So if I don't want the cats to make a nuisance while I'm trying to work (for some reason as soon as I'm busy with a project on the tables they decided to keep me company by being ON the table and knocking things and messing about) I'll just close the doors and you can see them waiting to be let in and still allows me to see what everybody is up to on the other side.

The shelves are all packed, the ones on the right are all my reference books and continually growing. On the left are the 'stuff'...

Ta da! The easel in the painting corner like I said it was going to be! Painting on the easel was done by my niece, it was one of her I'm-bored-give-me-something-to-do project. The painting behind the easel on the floor is mine, which I have yet to finish... I hung up my butterflies using magnets all along the metal pipe behind it that's holding up the roof. It looked real pretty against the nature background.

This is the whole 'bit' on the right side of the door when you enter, the 'stuff'. The table far left holds all the canvases waiting to be used. Next to it in the purple bins are my rolls of decorative papers. In front of it in the brown fisherman's basket contains my remnants of materials. The three tiered baskets are all my pretty patterned ribbons. The shelving racks are the rest of the tools, items, equipments, bits, supplies and more... Still have yet to make a dent in anything. Maybe I should just pack a box of random crafty stuff and do a give away eh, that might help with the overload, what do you think?

There you have it, an overall tour of the studio just to give you guys out there an idea of the space I work in. Hopefully it'll look different in a couple of months time, but with baby on the way, who knows...


  1. that is one awesome studio... ld love somewhere like that! I have a lounge table!!!!! oh well... xxx

  2. hope to visit with u in ur crib one day soon! ^_^

  3. pretty cool studio you have there! i like the painting corner. looks so comforting :)

  4. Rozi, you do very beautiful work..
    (I am impressed with the gold fish pond!)
    Would you ever think about creating paper flower earings?? I am expanding my website to include flower jewelry.
    Please check
    my blog site is
    Thanks and good luck with motherhood!! I have 4 wonderful children and 2 beautiful grandchildren,a blessing for sure!

  5. Eh belabih ehhh Shazam! ahhh!!! I wanna meet her!!! Hehehe... :D

  6. Tina: Creative spaces always starts with a dining table Tina, it when you start eating other than your dining table when you realise you turned that into your studio ;-)

    Sen: Sure, come on over!

    Suzi: thanks, nice spot isn't it.

    Lotus: Thank you. Hmmm, I don't know if I have the time to make flower earrings, probably in the future is all I can say at the moment :-D

    Maya: Did you not meet her already when she was a kitten? Well, now she's all grown up ;-)


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