Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Studio: The Books

I figured I'd take a shot of my references... These are the books I refer to for most things made in the studio and also for work for the curriculum I'm writing up, isn't that great, they get to do double duty!
The big grey ones on the left are all my Keith Smith books, I managed to get them in with the help of a good friend. It took me a while to really appreciate them because they're very dry and technical, but once I got the hang of reading them, there are bookmarks all over the pages. The rest are my design books and other 'interesting' books I picked up.

My stack of origami books! There are more, but these are the big ones. I used the 'Angelfish to Zen' as my main reference book when I was writing my dissertation for my undergrad, I borrowed it from the college library and renewed it three times when I figured it'll be easier to get my own copy. Some of these books are half my age or older and I still refer to them. Others I picked up throughout the years. One of them is totally japanese, once you know how to read origami diagrams it doesn't matter what language the book is written in, but you miss out on the interesting snippets included in the book. I like the geometric side of origami hence you don't really see any 'how to make animals'.

These are just some of my paper and books books, handmade books with pretty images in them, pop up books and my paper engineering books, and more design and reference books.
And it's ever growing, there are some books from my last trip out of the country that I still have yet to read through and find space on the shelves. I'm out of shelf space...

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