Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Welcoming The Year Of The Tiger

This year the chinese side of my family are not celebrating because of the recent demise of my late uncle and grand uncle, tradition dictates if there is a death in the family, there will be no celebration of any sort for a year or three, depending on which group you follow. So on the first day this year was a more mellow celebration and leaves us ample time to visit friends who are celebrating.

Our first stop was a friend whom we hadn't seen in months and spent a couple of hours at his place catching up on news and meeting the rest of his family and having yummy food, then found out a family friend whom we planned on visiting the day after was having a lion dance that day that I just had to go see!

Lovely decorated cherry blossoms at the foyer entrance, I so love how people really decorate for the CNY, I can't seem to achieve the same festive look when it comes to decorating for Eid.

A pink lion! How cool is that! I've seen them in reds, blacks, greens, blues but never pink. And it was joined by...

This orange yellow lion. It was in the middle of doing an MJ tribute here from the looks of those legs. Right behind it are the troops with their loud drums and clashing cymbals. It was great to see the lions dancing and performing in the compound as well as inside the house, symbolising to bring in good luck for the year.

I read my horoscope what lies ahead for me this year, from the looks of it, it's best I keep my head down for the first half and lie low, after that I can roar! Although more along the line of hearing the baby cry by that time...

Another chinese-y related news, I am currently helping a New Zealander couple with their wedding invitation and they wanted it to be chinese inspired. Needless to say that's one wedding I'd like to see the wedding pictures of after hearing the plans from the bride, so fantastic, and her dress is gorgeous!

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