Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Plaster 101

The significant other and I had an interesting time last night, we made a belly cast... Well, he did most of the work, I just stood there as it was applied on to me.

It took longer than I expected.

He had to be all crafty and learn how to use the plaster gauze there and then.

Lots of water was involved.

We went through 5 rolls which I cut into strips prior.

Cats got very curious to what we were doing.

Didn't realise how heavy it got as we were making the cast with me standing and I had to cradle the breast to hold it up.

Removing from body was easy, popped right off.

So now, the cast is stuffed with newspaper to support it while it fully cures, then I could sand it smooth before painting... only I have to figure out what to paint on it, can't decide...

Thanks to my friend Nadia for gifting me the kit to make it!

I have 9 days until my due date :-D


  1. yaaaaye!! was wondring whether ud done the cast or not..!! it's gona be the perfect souvenir of the whole 9 months uve been through ;p .Cant wait to see what u'll paint on it..oh oh how bout something with baby's name on it...aaawwww....

  2. Thanks for giving the kit Nad, am still trying to decide what to paint on it...


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