Friday, July 30, 2010

Wedding Guest Books: Fuchsia & Silver

(Sorry about the pictures quality, shots were taken at night and I was tired to even think about redoing them, although now I kinda wish I did... oh well...)

This is fun, the person who made my wedding cake has now asked me to make her wedding guest book. Not just one but two, one for the church wedding and the other for the dinner reception which I gladly said yes to.

The colours asked for were fuchsia and silver, it was a bit hard trying to find the right shade of hot pink for this and a solid plain colour in the shops were far and few, which I happen to find luckily.

Using the fuchsia as a base colour, the silver became accents. Mainly in the ribbons and the sparkly mini gem stones which were 'carefully randomly scattered' (hehe...) on the flag book version and arranged into the wedding couple initials on the concertina version. I love using the stuff! Must get some more!

So for the church guest book since I'm not sure how big a table they'll have for signing I designed it as a double flag book with double doors. That way the book could be opened flat giving ample signing space and if there are too many pages they can always stick in pictures and because of the concertina spine the book can accommodate the swell easily. Of course as always I like the sculptural look of a flag book. I must admit this was my first double flag book, and it turned out great!

This is the concertina guest book for the dinner reception. It has the same elements as the concertina version and more, additional of the white flowers with the roses and the green heart shaped gems. It took a while for me to decide to do the initials of the couple because I was overthinking it. I would love to be able to add on a particular personal details of theirs but I was too afraid I might spoil the whole thing if it didn't work out and I decided to omit them instead. Better safe than sorry especially when you're so close to completing...

To add interest to an otherwise span of 8 feet stretch of pink, I added on silver ribbons with bows at the side.

With both guest books done, they were wrapped up and went on their way. Her cousin came to pick them up and I showed him how the books work so he could show to her how they work. She left me a message that she totally love them and I'm so happy I could make them for her, she's such a sweet person I tell you.

Caroline and Daryl, may the both of you be happy and in love with each other now and forever...


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