Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wedding Guest Books: The Daryline Wedding

The guest book in action, not many signatures yet as we got there early so there would be parking in the basement as it was raining that evening...

The happy couple! Ok, so we can't really see the groom's face and you can see how pretty the bride is and reason why I chose this picture was because of the cake, how many brides actually made their own five tiered wedding cake, each tier a different flavour, which she finished baking and decorating (covered with tiny pink fondant butterflies) at six in the morning the day before? Cake was served up to all the guests and the table I was at got the chocolate and orange ones, it was yummy...

And Baby D came to the wedding too at 7 weeks old! Her first social outing and she slept through out, apart from waking up to nurse twice, she didn't bother with all the noise around her.

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  1. aww Baby Dyanna looks soo cute..
    Beautiful bride and fab guest book ( as always )


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