Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's Been Three Months...

Us, baby is exactly 3 months old when picture was taken about two weeksish ago...

Hi everyone, it's been three months odd so far, hanging in there with baby in the house. Learning and adapting to her developments and changes, all this is new and we're both enjoying having her. So far routine is all centered around baby and I'm taking things easy, with the husband, the two cats and the house to take care of on top of taking care of baby I'm trying not to be too demanding on myself. Oh, and I also need to fit in the 'me time' somewhere in there, and I have a full time job during the day as well, so creative endevors is on the back burner for now...

I've recently had her playroom ceiling painted like a cloudy blue sky, something for her to look at when she's on her back... that's the idea. Waiting for the paint fumes to dissipate before moving the stuff back in. Looking for ideas for the walls, it's a small room and I have to keep that in mind not to make the room look even smaller.

I've taken the odd order or commissions, just to see if I could cope with doing those with baby. So far the only way I could do it was send baby to my mom to babysit which isn't really ideal. I had to say no to quite a few because I just don't have the time, and I know I said studio is closed until end of the year, so we'll take stock then, see how things are. I did fantasize about cleaning up and streamlining my studio, make it all neat and tidy and organized during this time. Did it happen? Nope. The cats getting into my yarn stash is not helping either, but what can you do, things will get cleaned up... eventually.

In the mean time, I'm trying to streamline my site a bit, put up more information without over crowding the look, good thing blogger put up 'pages', and I'm slowly putting up stuff there, I'm working on a FAQ at the moment so if you got one, let me know and I'll add that in. Also if there is anything else that you'd like to know more about let me know as well.

Thanks again for hanging around and being patient dear readers and followers. I don't know how you moms out there who got kids and have time to do your own thing do it, I hope I'm getting there, but number one priority for the moment is, my baby, so studio will just have to wait.


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