Friday, December 24, 2010

Pop Up Greeting: Star

I was asked to make something for a guy by his wife for his birthday. She wanted something that he can have at work for his table. The thing that came to my mind was the pop up book/folder/frame watchamacallit.

The original colour scheme she gave me was blue, white and black, and he likes planes. But when I saw the photo she provided the colours won't flow, and my other dilemma was how am I going to make planes work for me?

To cut a long story short, I went with stars, like he's the star in his family eyes, yeah I thought, that'll work.

Going with the blue gold base and echoing the red from the photo's background, the gold stars popping up against it was just fantastic.

The client loved it, the husband loved it and I was told it's sitting proudly on top of the mantle at home, he dare not risk bringing it to work and have it ruined. More pictures can be found here.

It just occurred to me that every time I make something like this it's always for a birthday...

I wonder when will the next birthday request be from and to whom, I quite enjoy making them. I can picture this for anniversaries as well, that would be nice...

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