Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Buku Hantaran: Pink, Purple & Gold

These are my current favourite! I like how neat and tidy it looks. I love how considerate the client was for giving me ample time (she informed me two months prior to the event) and how nice she was when I called her up so I'm clear as to what she wanted. How easy I thought it'll be to get the colours and style...

Everything checked apart from that last line. I hunted everywhere! In the end, I had to go another route to recreate the fancy swirls that she wanted. It was pretty unconventional because I was using a material which I have not tried before and I wasn't sure how it would react with the glue but it was worth a try.

And it came out gorgeous! Because of the layering I was able to achieve that rich subtle look in and out of the folder. The roses scattered around the raised name plate ties in with the watermark rose their name was printed on in gold.

The fastening I used was much tidier and it need not be incorporated into the design, like how I'd normally would use ribbons and bows as fastening and have to figure how it would look to the overall design, so with the fastening I used on this one, you'd hardly notice it.

When the client came to pick them up and saw them, she loved them! I'm glad the folders have reached her expectations. It's always nice to chat a bit on how the wedding preparation is going, and she was a bit nervous as it was only a few days to go from when she picked up the folders. I told her everything will be well, just be positive and relax and enjoy the big day...

More pictures of the folders can be seen here.


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