Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Background Happenings

Not to say nothing has been happening in the studio, more along the line of I can't remember where I last placed my camera so no new pictures until that is found...

The studio have been abuzz with activity, past several weeks my cousin and I have been using up, or trying to, all the stuff that had been accumulating and recycling other materials as well. We have been talking about this for ages and finally got your butts kicked into gear. We are making items to try and raise money on behalf for the Animal Welfare Foundation Brunei and Care and Action for Strays, two charities run solely by volunteers who care enough to do it. My cousin and I are more on a freelance base, why wait for something to be organized when you can start it yourself? We're being proactive, someone has to do something.

What I like about these activity of ours is that it starts off with a studio clean up! Yay! Yes, it has looked like a bomb had hit it, and now, thanks to my cousin's OCD of everything must be tidied I can see the floor again and it's safe for baby to crawl around now that she's mobile.

So we're donating our time, skills and whatever that can be used in the studio to produce mainly greeting cards of various types. I try to do as much as I can in between taking care of baby and cooking lunch for the masses, as sometimes there can be up to 8 people in the house, when it's normally just me, hubby and baby.

On top of selling whatever we make I've been pulling out things I've kept which I'm not interested in anymore but too dear to throw out. Those we repackaged, slap on a price tag and sell, cultural things that I've collected throughout my lifetime that I now want to let go, unique things which I can't remember where I've picked up, all in the name of trying to raise money for the unwanted animals vet fees.

I hope to say I think after several weeks we have made a dent in the mass that is the studio. Bags of old greeting cards and calendars that have been waiting to be recycled are slowly disappearing as we have gone through them. I can get to the shelves without having to do fancy ballet moves to try not to step on things. I am eyeing the amount of scrap materials that I know is useful but don't have the necessary skills yet to turn them into something fantastic that we can sell off. And I could finally see the table that my work station is on, with lots of cursing from said cousin as she cleaned, tidied and organized and lots of 'how could you let it get into such a state', plus point, she found money buried underneath all that! Yay! It's like digging for treasure, hahaha...

I can't have things placed neatly away in boxes and containers that I can't see through. And when I start working everything is on the table until whatever it is I'm working on is done so they are within reach. It's when I have multiple things going on at the same time is when the table hit critical mass, and that's when I loose control of the situation. But I can still work. I can still find whatever it is that I'm looking for. When the studio goes through it's periodical clean up when the cousin turns up i when she'll be on speed dial for a while so I can ask her where did she put the so and so until I know where everything is again.

I have discussed this state of having the studio getting into a state of disorganization with friends and fellow arty friends and they say it's not a bad thing, it makes the place look lived in, that there has been some creative process going on and it's not so sterile and unworkable in if a studio is too tidy. It boils down to we like to create, we hate to clean up because cleaning up waste precious time when you can create! Oh the logic we inject in! Lol...

Anyway, just to let you know that there is something going on in the background, and I am working on various commissioned orders I have received and that baby is growing up and I feel compelled to spend more time with her and my other mundane activities that I have to do, blogging have slipped somewhat. So when I do finally am able to remember where I last put my camera I'll post up pictures.

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