Saturday, July 30, 2011

Concertina Album: Simple white

Sheer white ribbon with silver detailing

A simple white wedding album for a simple couple. I was specifically told to keep it plain and no three dimensional decorations. None. At. All. What. So. Ever. But keep it wedding like. After I was done, I was tempted to put blings. Spartan like, here and there. When the client came and I mentioned I thought of putting blings but decided not to, she was so happy I didn't.

Portrait and landscape concertina albums

Usually when I do these sort of albums, the pictures are at least 5 by 7, 6 by 8, 8 by 10 even. This was a first using 4 by 6 images... that's what the client came with. Because each panel are to hold four pictures instead of one, the work load increased by 4!

The material I used have hibiscus design, a tropical flower, which I thought was appropriate as the couple have stayed in Brunei when they were children and they met in Brunei and the dress the bride wore was a top she had when in Brunei and the mother added on a skirt and modified it to become the wedding dress. So there is a lot of Brunei in this album. And the album is made in Brunei by a Bruneian! I used the word Brunei six times in this paragraph... 

Sorry about the pictures being slightly dark, I was rushing to get them done before the client came because I totally forgot I haven't and I could've photoshopped them but with the whole neck sprain thing happening, photoshop is not happening.


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