Friday, August 5, 2011

Pop Up Picture Frames With Double Doors: More Presents

More pop up frames, more birthdays, these two are for a couple of the immediate family members, it was one of those, hmmm-I-haven't-made-anything-for-them moment, and thought of making these, maybe it could be something they can put on their office table...

I used the same pattern for the one I made for MIL, it being pretty and all and I just had enough to make another. And the person I'm giving it to said she likes pink and the various shades, so I figured this was just right.

 Of course, the nature of whatever wastage of paper left became the design for the pop up flowers. You can see it's different to the one I made for my MIL here.

 I had to do a cut and paste job to the pink flower just so I could get a complete whole flower, lovely design to work with, I'm debating on whether to get more...

 This one, I chose the print on the spur of the moment. Probably my brain was doing a lot of processing on whether it being suitable or not and calculations, but on the outside, you would just see me go to my paper stash, take out several rolls, unroll a couple, five minutes of staring, and off to the work table.

It was really a lovely print, one of those that you can frame up. What was left of the paper was the top half of the design, blue sky and all. Haven't thought of what I'll do with the leftover yet.

I hesitated with the back of the doors, whether the pink was too pink. When I look at the picture it worked pretty well...

What do you think of the pictures? I decided to try a different location taking the shots, lets hear your thoughts.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Wedding Guest Book: Concertina Red, White & Black

 One day I received a text message on my cell or mobile, whatever you want to call it, that asked for a guest book, red and white with a hint of black, and roses perhaps...

Out came the last of the beautiful embossed paper I had, my sister brought it back from the States a couple of years back, which I had been sparingly using, and now *sniff sniff* the last bits have been used up! *bawl*

The paper was pretty enough to stand on it's own, and detailing were only at the side where I used black ribbons with roses at the end.

Inside the guest book, it being predominantly white, there was a name to the paper I used, something like ice gold white I think, skinny black with red bows detailing to tie in the theme.

This was an accident, I was not aware this was going to happen, oh but what a happy accident, as the black red detailing were on both sides of the concertina, it created this when the book is propped open. Somehow it reminded me of garters...

Interestingly, the client who ordered this ordered it for a friend of hers who was getting married, and this client was an old client, one of my first few actually, so we're talking about at least five years here, and the past five years she kept my number! Amazing...


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