Monday, November 28, 2011

Dos-A-Dos: Pink & Purple

Pink and blue back to back book 

One day a friend and I were talking, her mother in law birthday was coming up and she was trying to figure out what to get for her MIL who has absolutely everything. She was telling me how her in laws are really into books, as from her description, the house was packed with books as they love books. She mentioned how her MIL also kept journals, and she would use the old school text books for that.

'Ah hah!' moment.

Why not get a hand made journal? And there were other parts in the conversation that lead up to using images of the grandchildren as end sheets.

End sheet with grandchild no.1

Chose the pictures, fiddle around with Photoshop, and there you have it! A completely original personalised journal for the intended recipient.

Quite sweet isn't it.

More pictures of the book can be seen here.  

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