Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wedding Guest Book: Concertina Girly Pink & Purple

Concertina guest book, all pink and purple

This was commissioned by a friend whos long time friend was getting married and she wanted to give a guest book to the bride for the wedding.

Conversation 6 months ago...
Sen: I want a guest book. Pink and purple. Make it girly. Bling it up too!
Me: Sure, no problem.

I used purple and pink through out. From pink pages to purple covers, pink and purple roses, pink and purple ribbons, and pink and purple blings in heart and circular shapes... All pinked and purpled out.

Close up of heart shaped gems detail

I was also really tired during this period. So looking at these pictures reminded me how tired I was, but I had to push myself to get this done as I had other orders waiting in line.

Then I noticed mistakes started to crop up, is it obvious? Can I fix it? Do I just push on?

I had to fix it, it was too obvious to leave it be, my QC is very high. Mental note, don't ever do that again, nip it in the bud.

Close up detail of pink and purple roses at the ends of the ribbons

I was very happy when I was done. Both sides of the guest book was decorated as it'll be used for two ocassions to reflect that. And my friend was very happy when I delivered it to her.

More pictures can be seen here.

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  1. It is very lovely and very much like the bride... :)


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