Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Buku Hantaran: Green, Blue & Silver

 An A5 no fuss no muss folder

A request for a simple folder, green and silver initially. Then I asked for a third colour which was blue. Then the colour green got complicated, it was 'lime-green-but-a-tad-darker'... Looked around the environment for inspiration for that one, banana leaf green? Could it be...? Usually lime green is brilliant with yellow, I'm not sure which shade green goes with silver though, apart from emerald green, that would go with silver. But emerald green is no where near lime green that is a tad darker.

Confused much, totally.
Then I got another email, 'as long as it's green'. Ok, I can work with that. The rest of the request was minimal flowers, bow would be fine. Simple.

I have this particular stripy silk green with a blue undertone material which goes well with the particular blue I have paired up with before and decided to go use the combination. To add interest to the material I added gem hearts and rhinestones. To be honest I thought I was using white rhinestones as a family for silver, I only realised I used citrine yellow when I was taking the pictures. Oops...

For the silver component of the request I did a centerpiece with silver border and used the metal silver flowers for the center, using more of the gems to tie the whole look together.

I must say it's a totally different taste to what I usually produce, but it was also a nice challenge and I get to use a different type of flowers that had been knocking around my studio for so long I wondered if I ever will use them. And finally I have!

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