Friday, December 9, 2011

Stab Album: Wedding Anniversary Red & Gold

 A client wanted something simple to put her wedding pictures in a nice album as an anniversary gift for her husband, and she chose the theme of red and gold to match her wedding outfit.

At first I thought I'll do a mainly red album with gold accent, after looking at pictures of her wedding outfit I felt it was better to have gold with red accents to balance the red out and to complement the pictures.

I had this really nice design paper where first time ever glitter looked really grand in my stash which I picked up from my travels earlier in the year. I thought it would look great for the album, and the sheets where the photo will be placed have a watermark of roses and daisies if one looks closely. It's getting harder and harder to find these type of paper now, they work so well for wedding themes and special occasions.

The end sheet has a faint print of roses in gold. Used a red satin ribbon to bind the album with a bow in the middle, and peridont yellow crystals with red gem flowers as accents on the cover.

I have plans to make smaller stab books using the same materials, I should've bought more, I only bought one sheet of this design and making this album already took up half. Nevermind, that's the nature of how I work, if it's all used up, that's it.

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