Sunday, April 22, 2012

Buku Hantaran: Red & White

Apologies for the quality of the pictures first of all, I was trying out a new location and there was just not enough light despite being right next to the windows, and by the time I decided to try else the camera battery went flat and I had to meet the client.

A simple red and white folder
This was a last minute order, I think I only had a few days to do this. The client was fortunate I was very free that week. I actually turned her down at first, when she said I can do the design any way how I decided alright I'll do it. She just wanted a red and white colour scheme.

The other reason why I turned down initially was because she wanted it personalised. I told her I can do the folder but not the name, what I can do is create the space where the personalised names can be included and she said yes to it.

The red interior contrasting against the white exterior
What I love about this folder is the simplicity and the brightness of the colours. I love how when you open up the folder you get hit with this striking red. You know, it had been a while when I made this folder I can't remember where I got the red I used to line the interior.

Interesting story, when I met the client, she was heavily pregnant, it wasn't until she explained that the folder was for her brother's engagement. She had been a fan and been waiting for a time when she could place an order as she said she only discovered me after she got married. I told her she was lucky I was willing to take the job because of the very short notice. She was nice and sweet, chatted a bit more and turned out she used to work with my sisters before she decided to retire.

I was very pleased with this folder, only difficulty I had was making sure the white stayed white! Apart from that, love it.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

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